The Children’s Society

Congratulation to Pauline for winning employee of the month!

Each month, the employee of the month is asked to select a local charity which they would like Allay to support. The directors then make a £1,000 donation on their behalf. This month, Pauline has chosen to support The Children’s Society! Read on to find out a little more about Pauline, and how Allays donation will help The Children’s Society…

‘Thank you very much for choosing me as an employee of the month; this is an amazing achievement! I was chosen as I constantly pass my daily and weekly targets every month, for being parttime, I sometimes even doing more than some full-time workers.’

Why do you like working at Allay?
I love my job at Allay, they are such a generous company to work for, always supporting and encouraging the teams. I come to work for my beautiful family, for my husband and my 3 children to give them everything they need, they are my world!

My chosen charity is The Children’s Society.
The charity fights child poverty and neglect, they help children have a better chance in life.
They provide support, counselling session and much more for vulnerable children from all sorts of backgrounds. They also support children and young people to cope with the trauma of sexual exploitation. They spot the warning signs and help make exploitation stop. They help them through the intimidating, complex justice system so that they are listened to, and can try to get justice for the crimes against them.

My sister is the store manager of one of their charity shops, so I have seen some of the hard work that goes into running a charity like this and would love to help!

What do you like to do outside of work?
I love my weekends off with my husband and children and of course, my little dog! Going for lovely walks and lots of wonderful family meals out in good restaurants.