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If your enquiry is related an am email, text or letter you have received from us in relation to a PPI Related Tax Refund, please see below…

PPI refunds included “compensatory interest” which was automatically taxed by the lenders and paid to HMRC. Following a change in Personal Savings Allowances, the tax you paid on any successful PPI claim(s) may be eligible to be claimed back. If you are receiving these texts or emails, then your PPI claim(s) meet the criteria for you to submit a tax claim.

We have partnered with Then Tax Refunds Ltd. who specialise in tax reclaim services. They will help you check and claim back any overpaid tax on your previously successful PPI claim(s) with Allay. They act on a no win no fee basis, and Allay will receive no commission or referral fee if you decide to use their services.

Then Tax Refunds Ltd are a firm of tax reclaim experts that specialise in recovering tax overpayments made to HMRC. They are registered with HMRC as a Tax Agent and offer a number of tax reclaim services. You can read more about them by visiting their website​.

​If you would like to use Then Tax Refunds to assist with your claim and haven’t signed up yet, you can still use the link in the message or email that we sent to you. You will be able to view Then Tax Refunds’ Terms and Conditions and fees which we suggest you read prior to any engagement. You can also view their terms an conditions on their website

If you are wanting to make a claim on someone’s behalf who has sadly passed away, you will need to get in touch with HMRC directly as Then Tax cannot accept a claim for a deceased claimant. For more information, please visit

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