Things are changing at Allay in 2021

We have some important news to share with you about your claims.

Allay has decided to stop processing claims and, after the 31st March 2021, will no longer be able to represent you.

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Your Claims

What happens when Allay ceases to process them on your behalf?

Why are you not able to represent me?

Allay has applied to the Financial Conduct Authority to de-authorise and from the 1st April 2021 will no longer be performing regulated activities.

What are my options?

  1. Go with our friends at Phillipson Hardwick. Their fee will be the same as ours and moving to them is simple.
  2. Pursue the claim(s) with the bank yourself, you might need the help of the Financial Ombudsman Service (FOS). There is no charge for this service, and you will need to represent yourself.
  3. Use an alternative Claims Management Company. Locate one here: or

Who are Phillipson Hardwick?

Phillipson Hardwick Ltd is a limited company, registered in England and Wales, under registration number 11626146, registered office Imperial Court, Exchange Quay, Salford Quays, Salford M5 3EB, with ICO Registration Number ZA527169 and is authorised and regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority under SRA 656089

Do I need another firm to represent me?

Should you wish to still have the convenience and assistance offered by a regulated Claims Management Company, a transition from Allay to the new CMC is necessary. In the event you decide not to move your claim to another CMC, then you will be required to contact each lender directly and follow their instructions on how to progress your claim.

Will it take longer to resolve my complaint if I sign up with Phillipson Hardwick?

No, as long as you fill in all of the necessary documentation and respond to any requests in a timely manner then you shouldn’t experience any delay in the claim process due to the transition.

What happens next if I sign with Phillipson Hardwick?

The transfer to Phillipson Hardwick will occur on 1st April 2021 and you will hear from them shortly after that date. If your claim has an outcome before that date but after you have signed the Phillipson Hardwick paperwork, that claim will not need to be transferred.

Irrespective of which option you take above, Allay will not charge you for any claims where a decision has not been made by the lender or FOS by the 31 March 2021”.

Will the fee change if I move to Phillipson Hardwick?

Your Fee with Phillipson Hardwick will be exactly the same as your fee currently is with Allay.

What information will you share with Phillipson Hardwick?

As part of signing the Phillipson Hardwick documents, you will be authorising both companies to share any information they deem as relevant and necessary to progress your claim. This could include but not be limited to any information and document such as previous correspondence with a lender or your previously supplied answers to a claim questionnaire.

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