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See if you are entitled to a refund by allowing us to undertake a free* no obligation PPI check on your behalf today.

Free* no obligation PPI check

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Most people don’t even know if they had PPI on their loans, credit cards or store cards.

Fortunately, Allay can now carry out a mis-sold PPI check for you for FREE*.

We can find out for you without charge*. If you haven’t got PPI then you’ve lost nothing, and even if you have, you’re under no obligation to take your case forward with us.

What will happen

Our process for checking for mis-sold PPI is really simple:


Start your claim

We only need a few basic details from you to start your free* check. We’ll then send you a pack in the post to read, sign and return.


Free check

The check is free* so don't worry, if we do find PPI on your accounts you’re under no obligation to continue your claim with Allay.


Your claim

The lender will let us know if you have had PPI on your accounts. If you choose to continue with Allay we will manage the whole refund process for you. We work on a 'no win, no fee' basis so we only charge if we are successful in recovering money for you.

Start your claim

Clients recommend us based on our efficiency, our high standards, our transparent approach, our clear communications and our results. Put simply: they genuinely trust us to do a good job on their behalf.