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How could I have been mis-sold solar panels?

You may have been mis-sold solar panels if the person that sold them to you gave you false or mis-leading information. Below are several examples of this;

  • If they told you that you would make your money back with the Feed In Tariff in so many years, then you find out that the panels are generating less than the quoted amount.
  • If you were told that you would see a huge reduction in your energy bills as a result of having the panels, but you subsequently did not make a saving.
  • If you felt pressured by the sales person into taking the panels when you didn’t want and/or need them.
  • If the sales person offered you a discount for signing the contract that day.
  • If you were not given the chance to read the contract.

There are many other reasons than the ones provided above. Therefore, if you feel that you were mis-sold solar panels, please call us to discuss your issue with one of our agents.

Why have you requested 24 months of energy bills? I don’t have these documents, what should I do?

We have requested 12 months of energy bills prior to the installation of the solar panels and 12 months’ post installation, so we can calculate if the solar panels have been of benefit to you. To do this, we will also need your Feed In Tariff statements and a copy of the loan agreement (if applicable).

If you do not have a copy of the energy bills to hand, please call your energy provider and they will be able to send them out to you.

Why do I need to have paid on a credit card or by a loan?

In order to process your claim, we need you to have paid for all or part of the panels with a credit card or a loan. This means that we are then able to claim under Section 75 of the Consumer Credit Act.

If you have only paid for part of the panels with a loan/credit card, don’t worry as we still claim for the full amount you paid under the contract as long as you have evidence of the remaining payment(s).