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What is a Delayed Flight Claim?

If a flight was delayed for more than three hours, the airline will most likely have to pay compensation to the passenger under the EU 261/2004 Regulation. This also applies for overbooked and cancelled flights. The legislation details that the airline will have to compensate the passenger if the delay was avoidable.

What information will I need to provide in order to claim?

In order to start the claim process, we will need some personal details including your name and address. We will also need details specific to the flight, for example, departure airline, arrival airline and number, booking reference number, time and date. Please note if you don’t have the above details, check with the travel agent you booked through or any old and/or deleted emails for the booking confirmation document which will show all of the above information.

I have found the details that you requested, what should I do now?

If we have requested additional information from you please either call us and let us know over the phone, or if we need to see the evidence scan the document or take a photo and email it across to us. Alternatively post the document to us using the freepost address.

Can I still claim if another passenger on the booking has claimed?

The EU 261/2004 legislation states that the airline will pay out on a booking reference once. Therefore, if someone else on the same booking reference has received compensation, unfortunately we will be unable to claim on your behalf.

I have received an invoice asking for my account details. How will I be paid?

If you have received an invoice asking for your account details, this is because the airline has paid us directly. It is more than likely we have already received the compensation from the airline, so please email us or call us immediately to provide your account number and sort code. Once we have this information from you, we will deduct our fee and send the remaining compensation to your requested account.

Please note if you would prefer us to send you a cheque, just let us know.

How much compensation will I receive?

The legislation states that if you are delayed more than three hours and the flight was less than 1500 km in distance, this results in compensation of 250 euros per passenger. A flight within the European Union greater than 1500 km in distance, or any other flight greater than 1500 km but less than 3500 km in distance results in compensation of 400 euros per passenger. A flight not within the European Union of greater than 3500 km in distance results in compensation of 600 euros per passenger. Don’t worry about figuring out the length of your flight though; we will do that for you, just ask us if you’d like to know.

What happens if the Airline rejects my complaint?

Once we receive a response, we will assess it and decide what our next step will be. We will also more than likely contact you at this point. We will look at the letter and see if we believe the airlines rejection is justified. If we understand and agree with the rejection, we will close the complaint, whereas if we believe that the airline is avoiding paying compensation, we will challenge their decision for you.

I’ve received an email/letter/call from the airline what should I do?

If you have received any correspondence from the airline, please contact Allay immediately. When doing so, please let us know what you have received. We will then be able to assess the communication and update your complaint. If the airline calls you, let them know you have a third party (Allay) dealing with your complaint and refer them through to us. We will then receive contact from the airline and will deal with the complaint on your behalf.