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Defendant Correspondence

If the Defendant (bank, airline, insurance company etc) contacts me directly, should I speak to them?

If the Defendant contacts you directly, this may only be to obtain further information to help with your case. We generally suggest that you ask the Defendant to write to Allay with their request so that we have all correspondence in writing for reference. Please contact us to advise us of any communication with the Defendant as your case handler may need to take further action on your claim.

If I receive an offer letter or a cheque, what should I do?

Please contact your case handler immediately so they can ensure the offer is for the correct amount and represents all of the money that we believe is due to you.We also suggest that you do not cash the cheque until you have sought advice from your case handler as in cashing the cheque some Defendants take this as acceptance of their offer.

What should I do if I receive any correspondence from the Defendant?

You should always forward all correspondence that you receive to Allay straight away so that your case handler can ensure the appropriate action is taken.