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Strategic Partnerships


Allay has partnered with some of the leading IVA companies in the industry since 2015 and the have seen great success for both parties and the clients it serves. With case handlers whose experience lies within the insolvency sector, partnered with our processing efficiency, our IVA partners have seen huge commercial benefit in outsourcing their claims processing to us. If you are an IP or an IVA/Trust Deed company, we’d love to hear from you to see how we could bring value to your existing and legacy business.

Wealth Management/IFA

The reputation of our industry often precedes itself, so having the opportunity to partner with long standing, notable wealth management companies is testament to the professionalism and service levels of our staff. High net worth individuals often have the largest claim value, or possibly or more complex claim; what better way to bring value add service to your clients than having Allay help them claim back what’s theirs, allowing them to invest more into your services. If you’re an IFA or you run a wealth management company, please get in touch to see how we may be able to work together.

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