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As a company with a proven track record for success in financial claims, Allay has designed an innovative and unique automated claims processing system for a wide variety of mis-sold products and services.

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Why people come to us

We have processed over 1.3 million claims as a company and this number is always increasing due to our abilities to change and improve our systems and processes to suit the needs of our clients.

We understand that applying for a refund can often be a daunting process for many consumers and we pride ourselves on removing that fear and doubt by guiding our clients through each and every part of the process.

As a client you will benefit from having a dedicated case handler, who will take your claim from start to finish, updating you at key milestones and being on call to answer any of your questions throughout the process.

We provide a variety of refund services for new and existing clients. For more information about these services or to apply for your refund, please click on the relevant icons below.

Clients recommend us based on our efficiency, our high standards, our transparent approach, our clear communications and our results. Put simply: they genuinely trust us to do a good job on their behalf.