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Mis-Sold Timeshare
Re-Sale and Holiday Membership Schemes

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A combination of increased yearly costs and considerably cheaper options available in the market has led to a significant number of timeshare owners looking to offload their timeshare commitments. As a result of this desperation, a large number of companies materialised that offered to take over or remove the yearly maintenance charges.

The most common scams come in the form of ‘Timeshare Re-sale Providers’ and ‘Holiday Clubs’.

What is a Timeshare re-sale provider

Timeshare re-sale providers promised to find a buyer for a customer’s timeshare and to take responsibility for their maintenance fees (which they are liable for every year). However, it was often the case that the timeshare owners were told there was a buyer for their timeshare and if they wanted to sell it, they must pay a ‘holding’ or ‘transfer’ fee for the privilege. It later transpired that there was never a buyer for the timeshare and the owner has lost their money.

What is a holiday club?

Holiday clubs promised to buy the timeshare from the owner in exchange for holidays of their own and cash-back schemes. Again, the client had to pay a fee for this, but later found out that the holidays they were offered were not as cheap/exotic as they were described. When they tried to claim money back using the cash-back certificate, they were met with certain criteria they did not match. As a result, that offer was then void.

How were timeshare re-sale and holiday club schemes mis-sold?

Companies such as Incentive Leisure Group and Club Class were two of the many providers to be found fraudulently selling holiday membership schemes.

Whilst this seemed like a very good deal, the reality was not so good. Consumers were left heavily out of pocket with very little to show for it, and they continued to receive maintenance bills. The cash back certificate did not pay out and the holidays on offer to them were actually more expensive than those they could get on the high-street.

What should I do if I think I have a claim for a mis-sold timeshare re-sale or holiday membership scheme?

Allay can provide you with a comprehensive service that deals with the process of being mis-sold a timeshare re-sale or holiday club schemes from start to finish, relieving you from the pressure of having to make the claim yourself.

We work on a no win, no fee* basis, so we only charge if we are successful in recovering money for you.

You will benefit from having a dedicated case handler who will take your claim through the entire journey. To get started with your claim, get in touch today by calling us on 0191 462 0000.

Clients recommend us based on our efficiency, our high standards, our transparent approach, our clear communications and our results. Put simply: they genuinely trust us to do a good job on their behalf.