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What is PPI?

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It has become the biggest single financial scandal in UK history, but just what is PPI?

Payment Protection Insurance (PPI) was sold by the banks and other financial institutions as a way for consumers to ensure they could still meet the payments on any loan, credit card or mortgage they might have if they were forced to come out of work through accident, sickness or unemployment.

If you took out a credit card before 2012, you could have had PPI added to your account without your knowledge. We offer a free*, no obligation PPI check that lets you know if you’re due a refund on your credit card.

You’re under no obligation to continue with Allay if your check is returned and you do have PPI. If you do want us to undertake your claim on your behalf, we work on a no win, no fee* basis.

How was PPI mis-sold?

Most people don’t even know they have PPI. The policies were mis-sold for the following reasons:

  • It was added to finance agreements without the knowledge of customers.
  • Customers were often not told the PPI policy was an optional extra.
  • Many customers were not asked if they already had adequate cover in place.
  • Some customers already received sickness benefit from their employer.
  • Customers were not advised of the cost of the policy as a separate item.
  • Many were sold a policy when they were not working.
  • Customers were often not warned about exclusion clauses within the policy which stopped it from paying out.

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