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What is an alarm system?

This part of the security industry is engaged in the installation, maintenance and monitoring of an electronic security alarm system i.e. a burglar alarm. Generally, the system will be installed either free of charge or with a small fee. However, there is usually a larger payment for a set period of monitoring and maintenance. The cost of the monitoring and maintenance contracts vary from £1,500 to £7,000, depending on the service provided. Typically, the contract price would depend on the length of time you signed up to receive the service, e.g. 12 months would generally cost around £1,500, whereas longer contracts would cost more, it could be up to £7,000 for a full 180-month service.

The service provided usually ensured that if an alarm was triggered in the client’s home they, or a nominated ‘key holder’ would be contacted by phone to see if the alert was real or a false alarm. The client would generally nominate two ‘safe words’ — one for a false alarm and one for a genuine threat, which they would say to the operator.

Clients were also promised that the alarms were monitored by the police, and other security companies such as G4S. This meant that if an alarm was triggered, the client would be visited by either the police or G4S, in case of an emergency. Clients were also told they would receive free maintenance of the alarm if there were any faults/damages.


How were alarm & security systems mis-sold?

There are many legitimate monitored alarm system providers who provide systems that ‘do what they say on the tin’. However, there are other companies who have either ceased trading or continue to trade under a range of different names that promise consumers a great system with regular maintenance and full-time monitoring who fail to fulfil the contract as initially agreed.

For example, there are many providers who made their customers sign up to lengthy contracts, paying a large upfront premium and then subsequently ceased trading. This meant that the client had paid for up to 180 months monitoring but actually only received 12 months of the 180 that they had paid for, due to the company going out of business.

Many consumers have been left very unfairly out of pocket from such companies and have been unable to get any sort of reimbursement from the liquidated company or from the company direct if they are still trading.

Allay has a wealth of experience in obtaining refunds for the mis-selling of alarm and security systems and has been successful in helping our clients to claim back thousands of pounds for being unfairly treated. Consumers who have fallen victim to a scam such as this are entitled to a refund and we work hard to ensure that a fair and reasonable outcome is reached for our clients.

What should I do if I think I have been mis-sold alarm and security systems?

Allay can provide you with a comprehensive service on a no win, no fee* basis. We deal with the process of being mis-sold alarm and security systems from start to finish, relieving you from the pressure of having to make the claim yourself.

You will benefit from having a dedicated case handler when you are one of our clients, who’s task it will be to take your claim through the entire journey. Get in touch today by calling 0191 631 0823.

Clients recommend us based on our efficiency, our high standards, our transparent approach, our clear communications and our results. Put simply: they genuinely trust us to do a good job on their behalf.