Couple £76,674.06 richer by claiming PPI back!
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16 January 2019

Couple £76,674.06 richer by claiming PPI back!

Retired couple from Merseyside have been repaid nearly £77,000 by credit card companies and banks, for mis-selling payments protection insurance (PPI)

Sally from Merseyside, had never bothered with any PPI checks or calls before. It wasn’t until she heard about the deadline while reading an online money-saving website.

“We had been thinking about it (claiming PPI) for a while; we didn’t think we could as we had already paid our mortgage.”

In February, Sally and her husband took the plunge! They both decided to fill out an online form which took seconds!

“We are both pensioners, I worked for a company that had me covered for sick anyway, and my husband was self-employed, I knew if I were asked if I needed a PPI policy for any finance I would have said no.”

Within two days the packs had arrived for the couple to check, sign and send back. Three months later, one quick phone call and they were incredibly surprised
“I had a Marks and Sparks card in the eighties; I got rid of it ages ago and thought nothing…. turns out £18000 was due back to us on that one card!”

Sally explained that the £18,000 was only one card! The next phone call confirmed that PPI had been established with eight more lenders. The total adding to an astounding £76,674.06!!

Sally and her husband have made all the repairs and upgrades to their home, so they can now enjoy their retirement with the comfort of knowing they have savings.
“We have upgraded the rooms in the house, bought a new TV and stand, had a beautiful staircase fitted…. things that we would not have had – had it not been for the PPI money.”

Making memories is a beautiful treasure, Sally explained that they have plans to go abroad;

“We are just back from our holiday in Turkey; we are off on holiday again next week……. we couldn’t do this without the PPI money we got back.”
Sally and her husband have no regrets about checking their PPI. We asked the big question.

What would you say to anyone out there thinking about claiming back PPI?

“I would say go ahead and try….it has given us a chance to do all the jobs on the house and more. Now we can enjoy our retirement and still have money in the bank.”

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Couple £76,674.06 richer by claiming PPI back!

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