Arnie is Back! Reminding Everyone to Check Their PPI
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15 May 2018

Arnie is Back! Reminding Everyone to Check Their PPI

Arnie is Back! Reminding Everyone to Check Their PPI

The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) has recently released their latest TV advert to remind the general public that the deadline for claiming PPI is getting closer, once again using the animatronic Arnold Schwarzenegger. This marks the second installment using the muscle-bound, former governor of California to remind the public that the deadline is looming!

These adverts will run alongside the previous incarnations with the robotic terminator that were previously released last August across all platforms, including TV, outdoor, social media, radio and video on demand.

The deadline for recovering mis-sold PPI money has been set for August 2019, after which, the banks will no longer be required to accept PPI complaints and will pocket your long lost cash. Given that recovering your mis-sold money doesn’t happen overnight, getting your claim in sooner rather than later, means you can get everything sorted before the deadline.

The chief executive of the FCA, Andrew Bailey, said “We want people to act before the deadline. Dig out that old paperwork, visit our website or call our helpline to find out how to check if you had PPI and how to decide whether to complain.”

One of the easiest ways to do this is with the new Allay app. You can process your claim from the comfort of your home and be in control at every point of the claims process so you are never out of the loop. With live updates 24/7 you can process multiple claims on the go without the hassle of a phone call. For more information you can visit our website here or download the Allay app from the App Store.

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