Book Relief UK

After having lots of letters over the years about PPI, Reverend John Carvosso decided he ought to do something about his PPI. To his surprise, he received a positive outcome resulting in a refund just before Christmas!

“I was gobsmacked to use a phrase, – I had no idea of PPI at all.”

After beginning a free* PPI check, the Allay team did the rest which resulted in a refund of £3888.22

“I am really glad I checked, and Allay happened to be the one which was nice, I am pleased for all they did. Now I have got my wife on to it, she’s checking into her claim.”

At Allay, we’re always keen to play our part in the community, and we love to hear how our clients do the same. In addition to our company fundraising events and initiatives, each month, we like to ask a handful of clients to chose a charity that they would like us to support.

We spoke to Rev. Carvosso to learn more about how the PPI refund would help make a difference to him;

Rev. Carvosso is a chairman for Book Relief; which is a literacy charity relying on volunteers to help run the charity shop in Bideford. With the PPI refund, Rev. Carvosso was able to treat his twelve volunteers of the charity Book Relief to a Christmas lunch.

“We are going through a bit of a rough time at the moment cause in Bideford our landlords are not reducing our rent, and we are faced with the possibility that we might lose our shop, and so if there are any donations, it would really help to keep the shop open.”

Book relief is a charity that started life as a community group in Bideford, North Devon in October 2006 and became a registered charity in 2010. Book relief supports communities, working to promote advance literacy standards both locally and in developing countries. Allay’s donation will help the BookReliefUK shop keep going and support four current projects…

1. Devon Hospital libraries
2. Devon Prison libraries
3. Empower the Gambia
4. Project Pearls in the Philippines

In 2011 Book Relief UK introduced and coordinated several programmes in North Devon beginning with a North Devon Schools Reading Programmes in 2007 delivered in association with the National Literacy’s Trust’s Reading is Fundamental programme.

In 2011 Book Relief UK introduced and coordinated a one to one mentoring programme in the Bideford area for school children who are slow or reluctant readers – in association with Reading Matters of Bradford and the Bideford Learning Community. This programme was extended to 2013/4 but from 2014/5 onwards is being run independently of BRUK by Bideford Learning Community.