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Meet the Team

Our team of experts

What sets us apart from our competition are our high standards, values-based culture and most importantly for you our staff. Our dedicated team of finance experts are driven by a sense of social justice. If something is unfair, our aim is to put it right for you.

These are just some of the exceptional staff who work for Allay, click to see more of the team.

We have over 200 staff working for Allay across our North East, North West and South West offices.

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I’m Dan, I work in Business Support, this involves working with our partners and introducers.

Hi I’m Mark, I am based in the North West and I help our clients with their mis-sold PPI.

I’m Mike and I am a Sales Advisor in our North West office. I help our clients with their PPI.

I’m Craig, I work in IT. I am responsible for the systems and services used by the sales team.

I’m Sean, I’m a Case Handler and I look after and guide our clients through the journey of their claim.

Hi I’m Scott and I’m a Sales Advisor, my job is to help clients find out if they have been mis-sold PPI.

I’m Katherine and I work in Outbound Lender Support. I work behind the scenes to improve our service.

I’m Emily and I’m a Marketing Coordinator, I’m involved with Allay’s day to day marketing activities.

My name is Callum and I’m a Sales agent. I help our clients to understand if they have been mis-sold PPI.

I’m Aaron, a member of the Processing Team. I work in the post room and help with sending out mail.

I’m Will, Allay’s Operations Manager I oversee the company’s customer service department.

I’m Leanne, I am a Quality Assessor, I take care of all compliance call monitoring and feedback.

My name’s Jack and I’m a Sales Advisor, I contact clients to find out if they have been mis-sold PPI.

I’m Abbie, I’m a Case Handler. I give a personalised service to our clients when dealing with their claims.

My name’s John, I work in the Processing Team and deal with all of the franking and outbound mail.

I’m Ian, the Senior IT Engineer. I provide technical support to the team at Allay.

I’m Shannon and I’m a Case Handler, I help look after our client’s cases.

I’m Lisa, the Customer Service Supervisor. I manage the team that deals with client’s compensation.

My name’s Craig, I work in Outbound Lender Support. I analyse data and produce business reports.