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Charity Work

Allay support a number of local and regional charities annually

Our staff hold fundraising initiatives throughout the year, from bake sales to sponsored runs – all in aid of charities close to our heart. Through our employee of the month scheme, we also donate £10 on behalf of every member of staff, every month to a local charity of the winner’s choice. Past recipients have included Children North East, The People’s Kitchen and The Sunshine Fund.

Employee Of The Month’s Local Charity Support Scheme

Every month the staff at Allay vote for who they believe deserves to be named Employee of the Month. As part of their award, the winner gets to choose a charity who they would like Allay to make a donation to. This allows us to support charities that have special meaning to our staff.


January's Chosen Charity

Age UK Gateshead provides a range of services and activities throughout Gateshead for older people across the area. Some of the services include; keeping active, social clubs, day centres, bereavement support service, simple will writing service and travelling companions.

Age UK Gateshead

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I would like our donation to go to Age UK Gateshead as the older generation are so important to me. My grandparents passed away when I was very young so I have a weak spot for older people and the love they often give to so many without getting anything in return.

February's Chosen Charity

The North East Autism Society was founded in 1980 by a group of parents whose children were diagnosed with autism who wanted to send their children to a school where the staff understood their needs, and where each child would be helped to achieve their full potential. Since then the charity has grown, offering a number of services to help children and families living with autism. Allay’s donation of £1,240 will go towards helping provide vital services.

North East Autism Society

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I chose The North East Autism Society because I grew up around the condition and I’ve seen the impact it can have on people’s lives. The charity helps people affected by the condition and their families by providing emotional and financial support. They provide tools that allow sufferers to achieve and lead happy and healthy lives. They are a phenomenal charity who are passionate about providing care.

March's Chosen Charity

Mental Health Concern are a charity providing a wide range of specialist services on behalf of the NHS and local authorities in the North East. Their mission is to improve the mental health and wellbeing of the people they serve.

Mental Health Concern

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I would like Allay to donate to Mental Health Concern.
The reason being that mental health support within the community is much needed. Seeking out mental health support has been something I have had to go to a few times over the years and was life-saving at times.

April's Chosen Charity

Houghton Le Spring District Centre for the Blind strive to relieve the disability of visually handicapped persons in houghten-le-spring and surrounding district without prejudice. We provide educational and recreational facilities in the interests of social welfare, with the objectives of improving the conditions of life for said persons.

Houghton Le Spring District Centre for the Blind

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I have chosen Houghton-le-Spring district centre for the blind as I live in Houghton and I would like to help a charity which offers support to people in my area.

May's Chosen Charity

West End Refugee Service provides support services for asylum seekers and refugees in a friendly, welcoming environment. They aim to address the disadvantage, exclusion and poverty which affect asylum seekers and refugees living in the West End of Newcastle-upon-Tyne. Allay’s donation of £1,340 will go towards the charity’s Hardship Fund, which helps people purchase items they could otherwise not afford such as shoes and nappies. The charity currently supports destitute clients with £15 a week. A small donation can make a huge difference.

West End Refugee Service

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I would like to donate to the West End Refugee Service because I think it is a great cause and they work so hard to give people the chance of a better life.

June's Chosen Charity

Established in 1891, Children North East has been working for 125 years to improve the lives of children and their families.

On behalf of Children North East, we would like to thank you and everyone at Allay, for your very generous donation of £1,340.00 from your monthly donation scheme.
In the early days our founders fought against inequality and poverty, offering children hope and a better future. Despite all the years in between we are still working for the same outcomes and with help and support from our communities we really can and do make a difference.

Jaime Wilkie, Communications Officer – Children North East

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I would like this month’s donation to go to Children North East. There are so many worthy causes out there, but being a single Mum for many years I know how hard it must be to struggle to bring up young children on a low income. Thankfully, I had supportive parents who were who were there to help me so my girls so they never went without. Unfortunately, a lot of families don’t have the great support I had and rely on this charity to help them out.

July's Chosen Charity

The charity aims to support both clinical and laboratory research in the North East of England. The research is designed to further the understanding of disease, improve treatment and promote best practice in the study of cancer, arthritis and rheumatic disease.

Find out more –

JGW Patterson Foundation

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I would like to choose the JGW Patterson Foundation as our Charity of the Month. My Mum suffers from Rheumatoid Arthritis so it is something I see every day. From what I have been told by her doctors, very little research has been done into the condition.

August's Chosen Charity

Northumberland Wildlife Trust was founded in 1971 to protect wildlife and promote nature conservation within Newcastle, North Tyneside and Northumberland.
We are a non-government funded charity, supported by membership, donations, local businesses and charitable trust grants so Allay’s donation of £1,570 is gratefully received.

Fiona Dryden, Communications Officer – The Northumberland Wildlife Trust.

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I would like to choose this charity as I have grown up around animals and I feel they deserve a safe environment to live in, especially in the wild. We do enough damage to their habitats so I believe we should give something back.

September's Chosen Charity

The Chronicle Sunshine Fund provides specialised equipment to children with disabilities in the North East of England, individuals, groups, registered organisations, special and mainstream schools and hospitals can ask for our support to improve the lives of children with disabilities.

The Sunshine Fund

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I would like to pick the Sunshine Fund because the money that they raise is used to directly help children with disabilities by providing them with specialist equipment to help them live their lives to the full. I think it would be really great if Allay could give our donation to this local charity as it is something close to my heart.

October's Chosen Charity

Disability North is a free Independent Living Service which promotes social inclusion, independence and choice for disabled and older people in the North East of England and Cumbria. Disability North is a user led registered charity which works with, and for, disabled people, empowering them to maximise the control they have over their own lives.

Disability North

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I would like to choose Disability North as my chosen charity. I have disabilities myself, and with the recent austerity measures taken towards disability benefits, charities like this become a vital lifeline.

November's Chosen Charity

The regions to be covered by Daft as a Brush are: Northumberland, North and South Tyneside, Durham, Newcastle upon Tyne and surrounding areas. There would be no charge to the patients for our Service. The service would entail collecting and transporting the patients in a safe and comfortable environment, from where they are living, taking them to where they will be having their treatment. If required staying with the patient whilst they have their treatment and then bringing them back home in readiness for their next course of treatment.

Daft as a Brush

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My chosen charity is Daft as a Brush. I think it is unique in what it offers; staffed custom-made vehicles to transport outpatients, free of charge, to and from Hospital who are undergoing Chemotherapy and Radiotherapy cancer treatment.

December's Chosen Charity

We fly three air ambulance helicopters across the North-East, North Yorkshire and Cumbria. We bring pioneering pre-hospital care to the scene, rescuing hundreds of severely injured or ill patients every year.

We rely on the support of the public to survive, so we’re very grateful for the support.

Great North Air Ambulance

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I have chosen Great North Air Ambulance Service for the great work that they did with a close friend of mine.